Our Affiliates

We keep a fairly long list of affiliates who cooperate with us on buying terms that match our exact terms. We do most of our buying by taking advantage of all opportunity buying. All our affiliates recognize one common thing about us, and that is that we are a major buyer to them and a fierce negotiator. We know we are an important source of revenue for them, and they are happy for us to remind them of that.

We pay upfront and buy in volumes that make it profitable for all concerned. 

Our affiliates know and respect that we want top shelf quality at bargain basement prices if a long term relationship is to exist.

Our customers are also affiliates, and we go through great lengths to protect their identity at all cost. Many of our customers are located in areas and regions with established brand reps, and as a courtesy to our supplier affiliates we never disclose this information. We also do not do directed marketing to field customers. Our only point of contact is through FramesDepot.