Current Value Line

Frames Depot understands the need to have products to meet every budget. Having a strong Value Line of frames on offer is our way of meeting that need. All our Value Line frames are made of superior materials, styles and colors in order to appeal to your patients. Keeping your racks filled with vibrant and attractive products will appeal to a wide cross section of patients whilst subsidizing your bottom line.

Our Value Line selections are so much more than “shelf fillers.” They represent beautiful frames hand picked with pride for patients to wear, feel great in, and see exceptionally well. You do your part and we will do ours to keep cost down.

We pride ourselves in sourcing CE and FDA certified products for factories that use the very best materials and standards to produce our products. All our vendors are well equipped and certified to deliver the best quality and workmanship.

Factory direct product allows us to cut out costs spent in Branding royalties and production limits. This allows unit prices to approach single digit prices. Plus there are so much more variety to pick from and products are nearly always in a state of ready to ship.

Please have a look at our current Value Line and see how best these can help you retain your patients whilst improving your bottom line.

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