Ophthalmic lenses

Frames Depot was started to meet your frame buying needs by supplying frames at significantly lower prices to help improve your practice.

Along the way, we found that customers like you were still at the mercy of paying ridiculously overpriced lens lab services that sometimes defeated the effort of buying frames at better prices. We started out wanting to help minimize your cost and keep money where it belongs, with your practice. Unfortunately, for some practices all we did was help them save money only to pay some crazy lab bill every month while their practice suffered.

If this is you, then you need to understand that the big optical stores have this covered as they either outsource from abroad, own their lab or benefit from structured discount arrangements.

To ensure you save and thrive we have added lens services to our offering. Initially for our established customers, this service will soon be offered to everyone.

We offer an online portal for ordering, quick turn around time and a simple pay as you go system to avoid that “whopper lab bill” that always hurts.

Please send us your needs and even what you think you are comfortable paying for lenses and we will help work out a pricing structure to suit you. Also anytime we are able to offer another customer a lower price, you automatically get that price too, even if you did not negotiate it. Our lab pricing model follows a customer group consensus to real cost ratio method to keep things real. We know lenses. Let us help you buy better.

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